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Joseph G. "Kokamoe" Taylor, Jr
160 Cherry Blossom Farm Lane
Church Hill, MD 21623
Our Rates For Cherry Blossom Farms
Maryland's Eastern Shore has long been considered one of the Premier
hunting areas in the United States. Hunters come from everywhere to
enjoy its beauty and abundance of wildlife. The following links will provide
directions to Cherry Blossom Farm.
From BWI
Drive: 61.4 mi – about 1 hour 16 mins

1. Head southeast 0.1 mi
2. Slight left toward Elm Rd (signs for Hourly Parking) 0.6 mi 3 mins
3. Slight right at Elm Rd 0.4 mi 1 min
4. Turn right to stay on Elm Rd 331 ft
5. Turn right at Aviation Blvd/MD-170 N (signs for Long Term Parking/MD-
170 N/Esp Parking/I-97)
Continue to follow Aviation Blvd 3.1 mi 5 mins
6. Turn left at Dorsey Rd/MD-176 E 0.1 mi
7. Merge onto I-97 S/MD-3 S via the ramp to Bay Bridge/Annapolis
Continue to follow I-97 S 14.8 mi 14 mins
8. Take the MD-665 exit toward Aris T Allen Blvd/Riva Rd 0.3 mi
9. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Bay Bridge
/US-50 E/US-301 E/Annapolis and merge onto US-301 N/US-50 E
Continue to follow US-301 N
Partial toll road 38.9 mi 44 mins
10. Turn right at MD-405/Station Rd 1.7 mi 3 mins
11. Turn left at Seney Rd 1.2 mi 3 mins
12. Turn right at Cherry Blossom Farm Ln
From The North
Drive: 176 mi – about 3 hours 14 mins

1. Take the I-95 S/Turnpike S exit Toll road 0.6 mi 1 min
2. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Trucks-Buses/Cars and merge onto I-
95 S/New Jersey Turnpike S Continue to follow New Jersey Turnpike S Toll
road 104 mi 1 hour 38 mins
3. Continue on I-295 S Partial toll road Entering Delaware 5.6 mi 5 mins
4. Take the exit onto I-95 S 4.0 mi 5 mins
5. Take exit 4A to merge onto SR-1 S/SR-7 S/Stanton Christiana Rd toward
Continue to follow SR-1 S Partial toll road 17.8 mi 18 mins
6. Take exit 136 for SR-299 W 0.4 mi 1 min
7. Merge onto Middletown Odessa Rd/SR-299 Continue to follow SR-299 2.7 mi
6 mins
8. Turn left at Middletown Warwick Rd/US-301 Continue to follow US-301
Entering Maryland 26.3 mi 32 mins
9. Turn left at MD-19/Roberts Station Rd 1.8 mi 4 mins
10. Turn right at Rabbit Hill Rd 1.1 mi
From The South
Drive: 180 mi – about 3 hours 8 mins

1. Keep left at the fork to continue toward I-95 N and merge onto I-95 N 94.8 mi
1 hour 32 mins
2. Take the exit on the left onto Capital Beltway/I-495 E/I-95 N toward Baltimore
Passing through District of Columbia Entering Maryland 26.5 mi 29 mins
3. Take exit 19A to merge onto US-50 E toward Annapolis
Partial toll road 40.7 mi 43 mins
4. Continue on US-301 N (signs for Wilmington/US-301 N) 14.7 mi 17 mins
5. Turn right at MD-405/Station Rd 1.7 mi 3 mins
6. Turn left at Seney Rd 1.2 mi 3 mins
7. Turn right at Cherry Blossom Farm Ln