Deer Hunting at Cherry Blossom Farms
At Cherry Blossom Lodge, our goal is to fulfill your dream with the hunt of a
lifetime. Over 35 years of experience has shown us how to do that. We employ
some of the best deer scouts on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Our scouts know
where the deer are and they are constantly reviewing our over 3500 acres so
that we can take you to the perfect spot. We have designated areas for the
purpose of ensuring that you will get the best hunt possible. We are one of the
oldest and most established Fair Chase hunting areas on the Shore.

All hunts are booked on a first come, first serve basis. We accept a limited
number of hunters for each hunt to assure low hunting pressure and to provide
individualized attention.
All of our biggest deer are harvested
from stands. Our deer stands are
sturdy, safe and comfortable. Our
track record of safety shows: we
inspect the stands on a regular basis
so the only thing you have to think
about on your hunt is how big of a
deer you want to take. Cherry
Blossom Farm has over 100
permanent and portable ladder
stands that are pre-scouted prior to
your arrival.
The Trophy Bucks you will hunt must
have certain qualifications, based on
the Boone & Crockett points system, in
order to harvest the animal The points
system demands a higher requirement
for Trophy, but we require a minimum
125 points to be harvested from our
designated Trophy areas. This is to
prevent harvesting too small deer in
these areas. We have other areas not
managed for trophy bucks where you
can harvest any buck of your choice,
other than a yearling button buck.
Come experience Eastern Shore hospitality and enjoy your quality hunting experience. We
pledge to treat you like family and work hard to make sure your comfortable and well taken
care of. We take great pride in Cherry Blossom Farms being a family run operation and that
means we put our family name on the service!
Fax: 410-556-6631
160 Cherry Blossom Farm Lane
Church Hill, MD 21623
Joseph G. "Kokamoe" Taylor, Jr
We welcome Youth hunters on Cherry Blossom Farm! Please contact
us for more information!